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Apr 2021

New personal service company rules start this month

Mar 2021 (Budget)

Chancellor “levels up” with us on Tax

Mar 2021 (Pre Budget)

Get ready for the “off-payroll” working rules

Feb 2021

Budget day is 3 March

Jan 2021

New year resolutions to save tax

Dec 2020

Claim your “Furlough” grants by 14th

Nov 2020

“Furlough” Scheme extended at 80% usual pay

Oct 2020

Job support scheme starts 1 November

Sept 2020

Notify HMRC of overclaimed CJRS “Furlough” grants within 90 days

Aug 2020

More details on Hospitality VAT reduction

July 2020

“Flexible Furlough” starts 1 July

June 2020

Job retention “Furlough” Scheme Extended to October

May 2020

New “Furlough” System for Employee Wages up and running

Apr 2020

More money for the NHS and infrastructure in the budget

Mar 2020 - Covid19

£330 Billion Coronavirus Support Package

Mar 2020

Yet another Chancellor – Big changes in the budget?

Feb 2020

Budget day is now 11 March

Jan 2020

Conservative party elected with working majority

Dec 2019

Election tax proposal – more money for NHS?

Nov 2019

When will budget day be now?

Oct 2019

Builders’ VAT rules delayed for a year

Sep 2019

Government u-turn on pension tax for doctors and others?

Aug 2019

Off-payroll working rules going ahead

Jul 2019

A staff summer party can be a tax-free benefit

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