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Is your Business eligible for Employer Allowances 2022? - TNMCA - financial advisors in Birmingham UK Aug 09, 2022 | Employment

Is Your Business Entitled to the Employment Allowance?

Summary. Employer allowances for 2022 have increased by £1,000, offering relief from a 1.25% National Insurance hike. Thomas Nock Martin, financial advisors in Birmingham, detail the eligibility criteria for this scheme, including constraints for multiple businesses, National Insurance boundaries, and director setups.   Employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs) determine the Employment Allowance (EA) at £5,000. […]

Mar 26, 2018 | Employment

Tips – Employers Are You Dealing With This?

Tips and gratuities are popular within the restaurant and hairdressing trades – are you as the employer dealing with them correctly? What is a Tip? A tip could be regarded as a good bit of advice, but in the world of the restaurant and hairdressing trade this is a spontaneous payment offered by a generous […]