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Changes to Dividend Taxation Policy in 2023 and 2024 Sep 04, 2023 | Tax

Dividend Income Tax Reductions: What Does This Mean for Directors?

For all investors, it goes without saying that dividends are a welcomed bonus once you have invested in a company’s equity. While investors only see a fraction of profits, this can nurture such partnerships and act as an incentive to continue investing. For all individuals, the first £2,000 earned through dividends is taxed at 0%, […]

tax advice Brierley Hill Jul 20, 2023 | Tax

Business Tax Services | Why You Need to Leave it to The Experts

Late filing or late payment of taxes can mean a large fine and interest on top. Working with an accountant you’ll never miss a deadline again. At Thomas Nock Martin we work well in advance so that tax filing is smooth and stress-free.

chartered accountant services Jun 20, 2023 | Tax

5 Reasons Why Your New Business Needs Chartered Accountant Services

Thomas Nock Martin is proud to offer expert chartered accountant services specifically tailored to your requirements. Find out more.

small business bookkeeping Jul 15, 2022 | Tax

Small Business Bookkeeping | Are You Keeping On Top Of Yours?

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping is paramount when running a small business. However, it is especially important for expenditure on buildings and equipment. Did you know, accurate small business bookkeeping can also save you tax? Find out more.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes: What Are The Benefits? Apr 20, 2022 | Tax

Salary Sacrifice Schemes: What Are They & Why Use Them?

Summary. The salary sacrifice scheme offers employees a way to maximise their personal allowances by reducing taxable income. Thomas Nock Martin explains its benefits, such as higher take-home pay and decreased National Insurance, while also highlighting potential considerations for individual circumstances.   Personal allowances vary from one employee to another. But it is essentially the […]

small business taxation services & financial support Mar 20, 2022 | Business Advice, Tax

Why Small Businesses Should Use An Accountant

Summary. Small business financial support is crucial for success, especially for new entrepreneurs. TNMCA offers services like ensuring accurate financial numbers, saving money, monitoring cash flow, aiding in business planning, and managing growth to assist businesses in their financial journey.   Have you recently become a small business owner? If you have, you may be […]