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Is your Business eligible for Employer Allowances 2022? - TNMCA - financial advisors in Birmingham UK Aug 09, 2022 | Employment

Is Your Business Entitled to the Employment Allowance?

Summary. Employer allowances for 2022 have increased by £1,000, offering relief from a 1.25% National Insurance hike. Thomas Nock Martin, financial advisors in Birmingham, detail the eligibility criteria for this scheme, including constraints for multiple businesses, National Insurance boundaries, and director setups.   Employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs) determine the Employment Allowance (EA) at £5,000. […]

small business bookkeeping Jul 15, 2022 | Tax

Small Business Bookkeeping | Are You Keeping On Top Of Yours?

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping is paramount when running a small business. However, it is especially important for expenditure on buildings and equipment. Did you know, accurate small business bookkeeping can also save you tax? Find out more.

VAT Reduction In Hospitality: What Does It Mean? - TNMCA Jun 13, 2022 | VAT

Changes To VAT Rates: What Does This Mean?

Summary. The vat reduction hospitality experienced in October 2021 benefited many businesses post-COVID, attracting consumers with better prices. However, by April 2022, VAT returned to 20%, altering the VAT Flat Rate Scheme percentages and impacting hospitality sectors. Thomas Nock Martin offers guidance on navigating these changes.   Since the 1st of October 2021, the hospitality […]

Salary Sacrifice Schemes: What Are The Benefits? Apr 20, 2022 | Tax

Salary Sacrifice Schemes: What Are They & Why Use Them?

Summary. The salary sacrifice scheme offers employees a way to maximise their personal allowances by reducing taxable income. Thomas Nock Martin explains its benefits, such as higher take-home pay and decreased National Insurance, while also highlighting potential considerations for individual circumstances.   Personal allowances vary from one employee to another. But it is essentially the […]

small business taxation services & financial support Mar 20, 2022 | Business Advice, Tax

Why Small Businesses Should Use An Accountant

Summary. Small business financial support is crucial for success, especially for new entrepreneurs. TNMCA offers services like ensuring accurate financial numbers, saving money, monitoring cash flow, aiding in business planning, and managing growth to assist businesses in their financial journey.   Have you recently become a small business owner? If you have, you may be […]

tax planning services Feb 20, 2022 | Tax

Tax Planning Ideas For 2022

Summary. Tax planning services are essential as we approach March, with a focus on maximising 2022 tax efficiencies. The article by Brierley Hill chartered accountants recommends optimising ISA allowances, exploring other allowances, increasing pension savings, and reviewing Wills for comprehensive financial planning.   We’re coming to the end of February. Therefore, it’s the ideal time […]