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What Services Do Small Businesses Require From Chartered Accountants?

by Thomas Nock Martin | Nov 02, 2023 | Business Advice

Services a Small Business Needs from Accountants | Birmingham

Summary. Small business accountants in Birmingham, like Thomas Nock, support various businesses, from retail and hospitality to tradespeople and leisure/arts enterprises. They offer services ranging from managing finances to advising on tax savings, ensuring sustainable growth and compliance with industry regulations.


Many types of small businesses can utilise an accountant for several reasons. Whether it’s to stay on top of budget spending or for advice on how to incorporate incentives into the company, it is dependent on their specific needs. As small business accountants in Birmingham, we have had the pleasure of offering our advice and guidance to a number of start-ups and long-running companies that require some extra support with their finances.

If you own a small business, there is a possibility that you lack the knowledge of how an accountant can help you keep things running smoothly. Today, we’re going to depict what services specific types of businesses may require from a chartered accountant or financial advisor.


Types of Businesses

Here is a rundown of the types of small businesses we assist so that you can determine whether you require the same support.


Retail Outlets

If you own a small shop, an accountant can become an integral part of your functioning. Here at Thomas Nock, we sometimes assist shop owners by managing their entire financial system or by simply offering them advice on their bookkeeping. From financial analysis to understanding why your shop has been subjected to financial loss or growth, we can offer our assistance in any way that you need.


Hospitality Outlets

An accountancy firm, such as ourselves, can help cafes, coffee shops or even independent restaurants with their financial goals. We can ensure that a hospitality business complies with its financial obligations. We do this by analysing financial information, auditing and offering understanding as to what requirements they need in future.



Your small business could benefit greatly from an accountant’s assistance. Whether you’re a one-man business or you have a few other tradespeople working for you. Firstly, you will see vast improvements in your cash flow. As well as gain knowledge of how to save on your taxes as a small business. A firm can offer you the key to growing sustainably. It can even keep you up to date on the latest industry trends and regulations.


Leisure/Arts Businesses

There are advantages to be reaped for you if you’re a personal trainer or hire out a gymnasium for your dance classes. As well as if you hold a drama school.  By working alongside our small business accountants in Birmingham, you can save on time. You can also avoid costly errors in your tax returns and most importantly, save money. Especially if your business is less guaranteed due to clientele.


Chartered Accountants For a Small Business Birmingham

Are you looking for small business accountants in Birmingham? We’re your people. Trust and transparency are at the heart of our business. We strive to deliver each and every one of our clients with a personalised and reliable service from start to finish. We pride ourselves on sustaining excellent client relationships over the years and continue to provide a seamless experience to all.

If you’re a small business owner who needs some advice or would like some assistance from financial experts such as ourselves, get in touch with our financial advisors in Birmingham on 01384 261300.

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